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Traditional Physical Therapy

Katie Band Physiotherapy

Available appointments and scheduling appointments limited to set business hours

Flexible and online scheduling including weekends



30 to 60 minute evaluation and treatment by a Physical Therapist

50-60 minute evaluation and treatment by a Doctor of Physical Therapy

20-40 minute follow up appointments with a Physical Therapist, Physical Therapy Assistant, other Physical Therapist, and/or combination of a provider and a Physical Therapy Aide

50-60 minute follow up appointments with a Doctor of Physical Therapy, same provider, every time



Results with appointments 2-3 times per week for 6-8 weeks

Results with appointments 1 time per week for 3-6 weeks

Need for referral or insurance authorization, increased waiting time to acquiring treatment

No requirements

Waiting for Explanation of Benefits to determine your individual responsibility and out of pocket cost

No co-pays. No deductibles. No co-insurance. No hidden fees. Same cost, every time, regardless of type of treatment completed. Potential reimbursement from insurance company. It’s like finding that $20 you forgot you left in your jacket!

Limited visits per calendar year

Unlimited annual visits

“What’s my appointment going to cost me this time?”

Same cost, every time with potential reimbursement.


In-Network versus Out-of-Network


Do you have a high deductible plan? Many individuals shy away from seeking medical services secondary to the price tag, particularly those of us covered under high deductible plans. The out of pocket costs can be intimidating, overwhelming and simply unaffordable for many. Understanding how to utilize your out-of-network benefits can be much less damaging on your pocketbook.


An example: Seeing an in-network physical therapist in our area for a 60 minute appointment can cost you between $250 - $350 depending on which clinic you attend. Your insurance company has contracted with these in-network physical therapy clinics to discount this visit to a set rate, providing you with a savings that can potentially range between $20-$70 making your out of pocket cost anywhere from $180 - $330. Compare with an out-of-network physical therapist that charges $120 for a 60 minute appointment. Because the physical therapist is not contracted with any insurance companies, the cost remains $120. For out-of-network services, your insurance may cover 0-80% making your responsibility $120-$24 per visit. When you utilize out-of-network services, you pay in full at the time of service and have the opportunity to submit your physical therapy claims to your insurance for possible reimbursement. No more nail biting as you await your bill from your insurance company wondering, “how much is it going to cost me this time?” When submitting claims for out-of-network services, many individuals will be pleasantly surprised to receive potential reimbursement.














Network Discount



Network Discount



= $180


= $120

Patient responsibility



Patient Responsibility



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