Katie Band Physiotherapy is not your typical outpatient physical therapy clinic. At KBP, our focus is one patient at a time, every time. You will not find yourself working with physical therapy aides or assistants, performing an exercise program during sessions that you've become proficient in, or using non-skilled, non-evidence based modality treatments. Our goal is to provide you with tools to help you regain and restore your mobility and function, returning to the things you love in less time. Our treatment sessions are 2-4 times longer than traditional physical therapy clinics. These longer sessions enable clients to reach their goals twice as fast while simultaneously lowering overall out of pocket cost. Our strong manual therapy emphasis in conjunction with appropriate application of therapeutic exercise are sure to get you better faster and stronger with lasting results.

At KBP, our therapists are completing coursework that is consistently above 50 hours annually to ensure our clients are receiving the most evidence-based, cutting edge techniques.

Our comprehensive, holistic approach treats the whole person. Years of research illustrate the connection among lifestyle, stress, and diet on an individual's physical health. At KBP, our focus goes beyond a client's musculoskeletal complaint. Our integrative approach helps obtain optimal wellness. We collaborate with several, very skilled individuals in our community ensuring that our client's receive not only top notch services from KBP, but from other professionals as well.